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Karen Traviss

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Title Matriarch
Rating 6461 stars
Author Karen Traviss
Pages 400
Isbn 006124676X
Review Matriarch, I suspect, marks the beginning of my dislike of the Wess'har Wars series. I was mostly ambivalent about it before, somewhat leaning towards Eh, not all that bad, but this book is large, top heavy, and is really beginning to bog itself down in little things that I just don't care about anymore.

I liked the progression of the first three books in that you slowly go from so-and-so species are good/bad to something a lot more complex with a lot of different moralities being flung around, but it's getting to be a little ridiculous at this stage. It's like every five steps there is a new moral conundrum that can't be solved and only serves to shove hardship on the characters, and I found myself flipping through pages more quickly just to barrel through the book.

And the distribution of the C'naatat is also getting ridiculous by now. I won't go into specifics, but I am rather tired with how it's sort of flung around like a large hammer that just really bores me.

I feel like the book is just getting more complex rather needlessly. I am aware that complexity is a part of life, and I actually liked how things were heading in the first three books, but now it just makes me sigh. The plot is either stagnating or circular, and nothing much ever seems to happen but the same old crises that never really get resolved. It's getting old. I want actual progression in my books, not this wheeling around that never gets anywhere. 2 stars.


My interest in the characters is the reason I believe I continue with this series. The first book is one of my favorite all time reads. This story is just dragging a bit but I still give it a three star and almost a four. Each book seems to pick up where the last left off with almost no time lag. I kind of think I know where this story is going not much surprising happens in this one.

The book deals a lot with the moral dilemmas of the various alien cultures. The author displays some bias toward worldviews she doesn't like, but you can tell she is trying to be fair even if she often times is not.

But the strength of the series is the plot and characters. I'm hoping that the next two pick up the pace.

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